Download Zeal

There are various ways to download Zeal, depending on which operating system you use, and whether you want to use precompiled binary, or build it yourself from source code.

Windows binary

A 32-bit zipped Windows binary with all dependencies included is available to download from GitHub.
Simply decompress the .zip file and run zeal.exe from any place.

Download (35MB) »

Previous Windows binary

The latest version has been reported to have various issues.
In case you experience freezes when selecting articles, or issues with fonts, please try downloading the previous version:

Download (35MB) »

Ubuntu Linux PPA

If you use Ubuntu Linux Trusty (14.04) or Utopic (14.10), you can easily install Zeal from its PPA.

To install it:

  1. Run add-apt-repository ppa:jerzy-kozera/zeal-ppa
  2. then do apt-get update,
  3. and apt-get install zeal
After installing Zeal can be started from command line by running zeal.

For Precise (12.04), Quantal (12.10), Raring (13.04), and Saucy (13.10) there are older versions of Zeal available, but they are no longer supported.

Go to Ubuntu PPA »

openSUSE package

A package for openSUSE is also available.

Go to openSUSE package page »

Arch Linux

Zeal is available in AUR (zeal-git) for Arch Linux users.

See zeal-git in AUR »

Fedora 19

There is no rpm package yet, but Zeal can be easily built from scratch. All you have to do prior the build is to install qt5-qtwebkit-devel and libarchive-devel packages from the default Fedora repository.


Instructions for getting Zeal to run under Gentoo are available at

Source code

You can also compile Zeal from source code, assuming you have Qt >= 5.2.0 development tools installed. Clone the GitHub repository linked below, and run qmake (or qmake-qt5 if qmake doesn't work) and make.

See GitHub project page »