Download Docsets

After installing Zeal go to ToolsDocsets to browse and download docsets.

Search Filters

You can limit search results to a specific (or a set of specific) docsets.

The docset filter and the search query are delimited by a colon character (:).


  • string will search all docsets for string
  • python:string will search only docsets related to Python for string

IDE Plugins


An Atom package is available at


There is a Brackets integration available at


There is an Emacs package available at

IntelliJ IDEA

There is an IDEA plugin available at

KTextEditor (Kate, KWrite, KDevelop, Kile, etc)

A plugin for KTextEditor-based editors is available at

Sublime Text

There is a Sublime Text 2/3 package available at


There is a Vim plugin available at

Or you can use with something like this in .vimrc:

let g:investigate_command_for_python = '/usr/bin/zeal ^s'

A simpler way to integrate with Vim is a simple mapping, like

:nnoremap gz :!zeal "<cword>"&<CR><CR>

Visual Studio Code

There is a VSCode plugin available at