November 12, 2015 · by Oleg Shparber

This is a delayed announcement for a very delayed 0.2.0 release.

After more than 6 months a new release of Zeal is finally here. While it was initially planned as 0.1.2 bug fix release, 138 commits required a more noticeable change in version number.

Zeal 0.2.0 is mostly about bug fixes and small user experience improvements.

Ubuntu Unity users now can enjoy a proper support for application indicators. Visibility toggling option has been added to the menu, also Zeal now respects

Many changes are related to tab management and navigation across pages. The aim here is to make Zeal feel and behave similar to regular web browsers. Tabs can be closed with a middle click, and previously selected tab is shown when the current gets closed. Forward and back navigation is now possible with corresponding special keys on mouse or keyboard. Also middle click allows to open a link in a new tab.

About a dozen of bugs and crashes were hunted down and fixed as well. Please follow the links in the ends of the post for a full list of changes.

As some of you may have noticed, the organization of the main Git repository has been recently changed. I have decided to adopt Gitflow convention, and with minimal changes it seems to allow to keep the repository clean and nice. A post with more details will follow shortly.

A few words about my future plans. Unfortunately, the time I have available for the development fo Zeal has been significantly reduced (quite obvious from the delay between the last two releases). From now on, I will try to make more frequent updates with fewer changes inside. The goals for the nearest future include a revamped docset manager with a support for user contributed docsets from Dash, switch to Qt WebEngine (Qt WebKit will be removed from Qt 5.6), migration to MSVC for Windows builds, and of course tons of bugfixes.


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